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Posted on: 29-Jun-2012 13:22
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Hello/Bonjour, is your piano just not feeling quite right? Are a few notes sounding out of tune? Or is your whole piano sounding more like a honkytonk? Perhaps a key is sticking, a hammer is broken, or there is a buzzing sound somewhere in the piano. If your piano is giving you concern, then I can help!

I am a piano technician based in Montreal and am a graduate of the acclaimed Western University Piano Technology program. I have been trained to help maintain pianos from a touch-up tuning to a full rebuild.

Perhaps your piano needs one of the following services:

A tuning consists of adjusting every note of the piano the the precise pitch it should be. If your piano has not been tuned in over a year it will need to be tuned, as tuning pins and strings change with the seasonal variations. Your piano may also require a pitch raise, which is when the piano is brought up to concert pitch, for pianos that have been neglected for a long time.

If your piano feels `spongy`or you have difficulty playing your piano in soft registers then it may need a regulation. Regulating a piano allows it to be in its optimum condition. Ideal for families with a budding young pianist, a casual piano enthusiast, or a concert-level professional.

If some notes on your piano sound dull, or lifeless, then your piano may need to be voiced. Voicing is the art of softening or hardening the piano hammer to create the optimum desired tone for your piano. Each piano will sound unique when correctly voiced, from an entry level upright, to a concert grand.

If any of these services apply to your piano at home, please don`t hesitiate to contact me.

Yours faithfully/Veuillez agréer

James Beckwith

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