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Perfect Treasure Prospecting Detector-GROUND NAVIGATOR : Montreal, Quebec Electronics - others

Posted on: 23-Apr-2017 15:17
Price: $
Perfect Treasure Prospecting Detector-GROUND NAVIGATOR
For gold hunters and prospectors, we introduce to you the world's latest 3D metal detector known for its effectivity, reliability and accuracy in discovering buried treasures and artifacts, underground utilities as well as hidden structures-the GROUND NAVIGATOR 3D Ground scanner by OKM.
It is proven effective for deep scanning by using its unique telescopic super sensor which can scan up to 45 meters deep and you can easily discover prospective targets through its 3D Visualizer software. This software allows 3D representations of underground targets which can be used to determine important details such as the dimension, position, size and depth of the target and even the soil condition.

Furthermore, this device is supported by a magnetometer to find any ferromagnetic meterials. It is used for a quick pre-scan that allows removing of trash from the surface before conducting a real 3D ground scan for a more reliable result.

Ground Navigator also has automatic correction of erroneous signals caused by inclination during recording.


1. 3D GROUND NAVIGATOR Control Unit-main processing unit of the 3d metal detector. It is equipped with a modern digital screen.
All operating modes of the super sensor will be controlled by this unit.
2. Telescopic Super Sensor-is used to measure the underground values, Small metallic targets such as gold nuggets, coins, rings, etc. It makes it very easy to work in areas with difficult access and uneven grounds.
3. Charger, docking station and travel adapter
4. Wireless Headphones
5. Cable to transfer data from Control unit to a computer
6. 3D Software-used to optimize the scan images that have been conducted with the 3D GROUND NAVIGATOR
7. Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case-to protect the device against environmental influences
8. Android / Windows Tablet PC

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