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Opera da Camera presents "Heroes and Villains" : Montreal, Quebec Entertainment - concerts

Posted on: 31-May-2012 8:44
Price: $20.00
Opera da Camera presents "Heroes and Villains"
Opera da Camera presents "Heroes and Villains"

June 13, 7:30 pm at the Rialto Theatre (5723 Parc Ave., Montréal)

Tickets: $20
514 770-7773 (Rialto) or 514 227-0805 (Opera da Camera) ou

Watch and listen as Opera da Camera brings to life some of the best known characters of the operatic and Broadway genres, and presents its audience with a great musical battle between good and evil.
In this dramatic concert, tales of heroism from brave knights and valiant princes come alive alongside stories of evil perpetrated by crooked kings, demonic barbers and wicked witches. Not everything is as clear as this simplistic division between good and evil however, and our perceptions of right and wrong are challenged by revelations of a more humane side to some of music’s most celebrated villains.
Will justice and honesty prevail, or will the night conclude on a darker note? Find out this coming June 13th at the Rialto Theatre!

Selected Songs: To dream the impossible dream (Leigh), L’amour est un oiseau rebelle (Bizet), Toréador (Bizet), Che farò senza Euridice (Gluck), Who am I ? (Schönberg), Dido’s Lament (Purcell)

About Opera da Camera
On Montréal’s music scene since 2009, Opera da Camera brings together classical songs and musical theatre in themed concerts that let the audience come together in a celebration of our common humanity: be it thoughts of love, hate, truth or justice, the operatic and Broadway repertoire has explored it all. The ensemble’s vibrant professional singers and musicians craft an interactive experience, allowing the audience to live alongside some of music’s most treasured and illustrious characters.

As part of its outreach vision, Opera da Camera also performs regularly throughout Québec in smaller venues and towns, bringing music to audiences that might otherwise be unable to enjoy live classical performances.

Address: 5723 Parc Ave., Montréal

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