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Neocube Available at : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - toys / games

Posted on: 16-Feb-2011 21:41
Price: $20
Neocube Available at

Neocube Available at

Looking for Neocubes? We offer the best quality and widest selection available:

5mm or 6mm in Nickel, Dark Nickel (black), Red, Blue, Silver and Gold.

starting at $20 for a 5mm in Nickel

Our cubes are triple coated providing the best protection available against chipping and corrosion.

Magnetic strength: N38, Stronger than industry standards. The magnetic pull of these spheres is amazingly strong,

These are the best neodymium cubes on the market, their quality surpasses even the more expensive brand name cubes.

The coating on low grade cubes will chip quickly exposing the neodymium core which will soil your hands.

Our cubes were custom made to

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