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Multi-optional Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand : Montreal, Quebec Business - for sale

Posted on: 19-Nov-2017 22:31
Price: $
Multi-optional Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand
Steel Strand is a kind of product twined by several steel wires, having gained a strong prestress after stabilization. Pouring together with concrete, it can increase the load capacity of bridge, high-speed road and rail track to extend the service life.
Widely used in construction projects, such as large-scale railway, high-speed rail, bridges, building trusses and so on.
Good relaxation with load-bearing ability;
Strict stress handling standards with stable performance;
High-quality carbon steel manufacturing with high strength.
g)Executive Standard:
i.GB/T 5223-2014
ii.ISO 6934-4:1991
iii.KS D 7002
iv.ASTM A416
vi.JIS G3536

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