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Make My Mini Me Birthday Parties Entertainment in Montreal : Montreal, Quebec Entertainment - for children

Posted on: 12-Jan-2012 23:45
Price: $25
Make My Mini Me Birthday Parties Entertainment in Montreal
Make My Mini Me

Children receive “All About Me” poster to complete. What’s your favourite color, your favourite food, the name of your pet, the members of your family. Children share their “All About Me” facts with their friends.

Now its time to Make My Mini Me.

Children Create a Mini Me doll. They choose hair color and hair texture. Is your hair blonde and curly or brown and straight? Children can add freckles or glasses to complete their mini look-a-likes.

Now to bring our Mini-Me’s to life.

Our mini me’s speak with your child’s voice. Children record their voices on our “heart voice recorder”, and insert it into their look-a-likes. Record a special message, erase it and re-record a new message if you would like.

Time to Dress our Look-A-Likes in designer clothing.

Children design the clothes that their mini-me will wear. Decorate and customize dress and bloomers any way you would like. Do you prefer flowers, lace or hearts? It’s up to you and your mini-me. Then personalize our “designed by” clothing tag.

Now to decide on your Mini Me’s personality. Are you sporty, shy, ambitious or outrageous. Children complete birth and personality certificate.

Finally, children color and decorate our take-home bag. No need for a loot bag.
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