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Low Foaming High Pressure Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam Sheets : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - equipment & tools

Posted on: 21-Nov-2017 23:51
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Low Foaming High Pressure Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam Sheets
Low foaming high pressure polyethylene closed cell foam sheets is a new type of joint sealing material in China, used the advanced foaming technology production line and the most advanced scientific formula to blend high-pressure polyethylene particles, cross-linking agent, foaming agent and other raw materials, and formed by banburying, milling, vulcanizing and mould forming at high temperature. It is engineered to use in the concrete expansion joint constructions and the concrete joint projects of river courses, channels, dams, ports, docks, underground tunnels, airports, bridges, slope protections, underground works, municipal roads and others.
i.The joint filler board of concrete road expansion joints.
ii.The expansion joint filler board of dams, stilling basins, slope protection and retaining wall of water conservancy project.
iii.The joint filler board for hydropower project, thermal power engineering, and the bottom of water tower to waterproof.
iv.The joint filler board of Construction settlement joint and frame structure.
v.The joint filler board for the concrete of subway, underground passage, bridges, and the pool of living water plant and sewage treatment plant to stop water.
vi.The joint filler board of the concrete of airport runways, ports and docks.
vii.The joint plate for drainage of the concrete of culverts and tunnels.
i.Small density, light weight, high recovery rate, strong expansion and contraction, the appearance is honeycomb and the holes are uniformly distributed, with independent bubble structure.
ii.Low surface water absorption, good anti-permeability performance
iii.Commonly used to replace the traditional boards and other materials
iv.Resistant to organic solvents corrosion such as acid, alkali, salt, oil and so on, excellent aging resistance.
v.No melting at high temperature and no cracking at low temperature
vi.Environment-friendly products,convenient construction, good anti-seepag

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