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Long Range Waste Disposal and Recycling Committee : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - tickets

Posted on: 9-Apr-2013 13:59
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Tuesday April 9, 2013 7:30 PM Review and vote to approve Minutes of 3/12/13 meeting Update on commercial recycling project: Susan Rowe, Compliance Officer and B. Black Swap Shop: Updates Volunteer needs and recruitment Update re Bare Cove Fire Museum interest in picking up items after Sunday hours: J McPhillips Updates on ongoing projects Recycling graphic for final 2012 statistics: D White Household Hazardous Waste collection planning ?5-18-13 A Dewire/C Bierwirth/K Juric Recycling or composting of paper plates/trays from schools and Trash on the Lawn waste audit at HS: J McPhillips/ Recycling and school building use by outside groups: B Black Transfer Station video update: K Juric Bulletin boards planning: (ideas to date): May: HHW day Late May/June: New recycling and dumpster regulations for Hingham? RecyclingWorks : MA DEP?s program to help businesses with recycling -Plastics recycling/Cap ON ? -End of MA DEP?s DARP program/all waste loads to be inspected for recyclables

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Address: 210 Central Street

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