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LED String Lights - Blue Color (10 Meters or 32.8 Feet Long) with Extended Plug : Montreal, Quebec Housing - other

Posted on: 16-Nov-2012 7:02
Price: $17
LED String Lights - Blue Color (10 Meters or 32.8 Feet Long) with Extended Plug
Product Description<br><br>RRP: $24.95<br>Your Price: $16.95<br>(You save $8.00)<br>SKU: GSLEDSTRING10M_BL<br>Brand: Green Supply<br>Weight: 0.50 LBS<br>Rating: <br>( 2 product reviews )<br>Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.<br><br>What a great way to lighten up the holiday season with LED string lights.<br>LED string lights can be used as indoor decorations around the house or office for Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, special events like birthday parties or weddings or just to brighten up your office or home. <br><br>Length: 10 meters or 32.8 feet<br><br>Number of LEDs per string lights: 100 LEDs (10 LEDs per meter or 3 LEDs per foot) <br><br>All blue LEDs in one string light.<br><br>Different lighting sequence modes: 8 modes to select (Waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Chasing Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle Flash, Constant On or Combination of lighting sequences) <br><br>Power consumption: Consume 1 to 5 watts (depending on lighting sequence modes)<br><br>Electric plug (110V - 120V).<br><br>Extended plug to connect another LED string lights.<br><br>Recommended for indoor use. Can be used outdoor if not exposed to weather.<br><br>What makes this product Green? <br><br>Energy efficiency.<br>Less power consumed (up to 5 watts for entire LED String Lights versus 100 watts for incandescent string lights (based on 1 watt per bulb)).<br>More energy efficient means less electricity consumed with less CO2 emission, less nuclear waste and electricity bill savings.<br><br>LED lights stay cool after hours of operation (less fire hazards).<br><br>LED lights have longer operating life (at least up to 25,000 hours).<br><br>Recyclable packaging.<br><br>Please remember to recycle packaging and containers.<br><br>Contact :<br><br>Phone : Talk to a green specialist<br>800-860-1387 <br>Weekdays <br>10am PST - 6pm PST<br><br>Email :<br><br>Web :
Address: New York, NY

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