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GREAT 5000-Latest Powerful metal Detector : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - equipment & tools

Posted on: 1-Jul-2017 10:53
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GREAT 5000-Latest Powerful metal Detector
Great 5000 or GRT 5000 is a the latest and currently the most innovative metal detector in the world, equipped with advanced technologies with lots of useful features and is user friendly with its simple design being easy to use. It is an all-in-one detector and ground scanner. It can detect various kinds of objects from metals(golds, silver, bronze, etc) to gemstones(diamonds, sapphire, jade, etc) and even voids and cavities(caves, tunnels, and other undergound structures). You can find all these things by using only this single device having powerful search systems that can easily detect targets in just few seconds.

1. 3D Ground Scan-scans ground layers and displays it on your tablet in 3D images.
2. Ionic System-use to search metals buried for long period of time.
3. Horizontal live scan-detects metals by monitoring targets horizontally
4. Vertical Live Scan-detects metals by monitoring targets vertically
5. Discrimination System-detects and discriminates different targets based on their frequency or signal, thus helping the user determine the kind of the detected object.
6. Sonic system-gives sonic alert(tone) when metallic object is detected.

1. Main arm that contains:
- Connection circuit
- Power Button
- 3 Ports: Battery Charger - Audio Port - USB Port (for Tablet)
- Grab Handle
- Scan Button
2. GREAT 5000 Sensor that installs and connects with main arm and it contains a base for the Tablet
3. Power supply
4. Battery charger
5. Tablet PC with installed software program for 3D analyzing
6. Headphones

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