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Gastronomic and culinary tours in Uzbekistan, Central Asia : Montreal, Quebec Housing - vacation rentals

Posted on: 20-Nov-2012 6:45
Price: $
Uzbek cuisine is probably one of the richest in the East! Located on a trade caravan routes of the Silk Road, for centuries Uzbekistan incorporates the most interesting and unusual dishes from different countries. Each dish has its own traditional rituals and ways of cooking: Pilaf, Shish Kebab, Samsa, Manty, Shurpa, Laghman, Beshbarmak, Khanum, Lepyoshka, Hasyp, Mampar, Chuchvara, Oriental sweets, etc. Welcome to Central Asia!
Address: 1/26, Shakhristanskaya str, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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