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Final Year IEEE Projects for CSE, Final Year IEEE Projects for ECE : Montreal, Quebec Business - others

Posted on: 3-Oct-2017 1:43
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Final Year IEEE Projects for CSE, Final Year IEEE Projects for ECE
What is MATLAB?
MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. It was written to provide easy access to matrix software formed by the LINPACK and EISPACK projects.
MATLAB has evolved with input from various users. It is used as a standard instructional tool for introductory and advanced courses in maths, engineering, and science.
MATLAB can be defined as a high-performance language used for technical computing. It integrates computation, programming, and visualization. It is user-friendly as problems and solutions are displayed in a familiar mathematical notation.
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Uses of MATLAB:
Algorithm development
Math and computation
Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
Application development, including GUI building
Scientific & engineering graphics

MATLAB features toolboxes - application-specific solutions. Toolboxes allow to learn and apply specialized technology. These are comprehensive collections of M-files that extend the MATLAB environment to solve a particular set of problems. Toolboxes are available in the areas of signal processing, neural networks, control systems, fuzzy logic, simulation, wavelets, etc.
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MATLAB system consists of 5 main parts:
The MATLAB language: It is a high-level matrix language that comprises of control flow statements, data structures, input/output, functions, and features of object-oriented programming.
The MATLAB working environment: This is inclusive of the set of tools and facilities that one works with as the MATLAB programmer. It facilitates managing the workspace variables and importing and exporting data.
Handle Graphics. This MATLAB graphics system includes high-level commands for 2 and 3-dimensional data visualization, animation, image processing and presentation of graphics.
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