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Don't Let Your Business Get Hacked! : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - tickets

Posted on: 6-Apr-2013 1:58
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According to a Ponemon Institute and Juniper Networking study 59% of businesses reported they had two or more security breaches in the past 12 mnths and 10% did not find out they had been hacked until they were surveyed 90% of organizations surveyed had at least 1 breach. 60% of businesses that lost critical data or sensitive customer details were no longer in business within eighteen months of the data loss. Don?t Be a Statistic....Come Learn The Top 5 Small Business Network Security Mistakes That Could Kill Your Business Discover the key to creating strong but easy to remember passwords. Learn why all Anti-virus are not created equal and how to choose. Learn which mobile devices allow hackers into your network. What are the fines and penalties for allowing a network breach? What is a VPN & how it can save you from critical data loss. Learn the dangers of using the wrong Internet router settings.

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