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Corrosion Resistant Single Hub Pipe : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - equipment & tools

Posted on: 21-Nov-2017 22:31
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Corrosion Resistant Single Hub Pipe
Single hub cast iron pipe is a kind of drainage pipes that is made of gray cast iron and adopted horizontal rotary centrifugal casting process manufacturing, using flexible flanges and seal lug connections during installation and construction. Widely applicated in industrial, civil construction sewage, waste water, rain waste water discharge and treatment system, drainage pipe works due to itís unique high strength, strong sealing, long life, low noise, strong fire retardant, flexible seismic, renewable recycling and many other advantages.

Industrial and civil construction indoor and outdoor drainage pipeline works
f) Features:
low noise, high strength, long service life
With a high anti-telescopic, flexible deformation capacity and seismic capacity, the system axial deformation of 35mm, transverse vibration bending value of 31.5 mm within the interface does not leak
g)Executive standard:

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