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Contemporary / ballet dancers needed in the name of love : Montreal, Quebec Community - general

Posted on: 16-Jan-2013 18:16
Price: $
Hi everyone,

I have a rather unusual request that I would like to ask. I am deeply in love with this woman and I'd like to win her heart. I would like to plan something romantic for her and I know she is extremely passionate about dance in general. So I would like to create a special choreography with the theme being how we met and the couple of first dates we had, and present that dance just to her. I already have the space, just need the dancers.

So I would like to know if there are any contemporary and/or ballet dancers who would be willing to volunteer in the name of love? :) it would be for one choreography only.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you know of any people who would like to help.

Thank you

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