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Cheap Thawte Code Signing Certificate at $224.10 : Montreal, Quebec Buy & Sell - domain names / websites

Posted on: 1-Nov-2012 2:51
Price: $ 224.10
Cheap Thawte Code Signing Certificate at $224.10
Thawte Code Signing certificates are ideal for any software publisher who plans to distribute code or content over the Internet or throughout corporate extranets and needs to assure the integrity and authorship of that code. Thawte Code Signing Certificate protects your customer, your brand, and your intellectual property by making your applications identifiable and harder to falsify or damage. Certificates support Microsoft Authenticode®, JavaSoft™, Adobe® AIR™, VBA and Office, and Apple®.

Buy Cheap Thawte Code Signing Certificate at $224.10

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1. Uses a single certificate for most platforms and applications - this is unique to Thawte

2. Allows you to sign active content such as ActiveX, Macros, MID let (J2ME) and Java™ Applets for secure electronic distribution over the Internet. This authenticated digital signature effectively verifies the source of your software before it is downloaded.

3. Ensures that your active content or code cannot be maliciously modified without being detected

4. Unlimited signing with a valid code signing certificate

5. One-to-two-year validity and easy renewal

6. Available 24/5 phone, email and chat support

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