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Posted on: 4-Sep-2017 7:54
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Buy And Publish English Ebooks, Online Book Publishing India
3 e-books you will love to read! (English)
E-books- The new sensation of a new age. E-books have taken our reading experience to a whole another level making it super easy for us to carry and store hundreds of books in just one device. All hail digitisation of the world.
English literature has always been one of its kinds. We at bookhungama are huge fans of this language and literature. So here are some of the finest e-books that you would love to read. Online Book Store India
1) Woodiss Wins- 3
By Henry Woodiss
Here’s a beautiful, dramatic story where Woodiss describes his life during World War 2. He has written about how he took a job run by an extreme religious sect and soon realised that the members were trying to recruit him to their faith. The story is heart rending. It’s all about Woodiss who is exploited by his family and employer and woman who prey on him. If you are a real drama lover, this one is for you. Free Online Book Reading
2) The Great Spectacular King – Chhatrapati Maharaj
By Mohan Dharia
After studying great books of historians and interacting with the successors of Shivaji Maharaj known as ‘Mavalas’ this author penned down the actual story of the greatest king that ever lived. If you are a huge fan of Shivaji Maharaj, this book is a must read for you.
3) Midnight Rose
By Joe Abbott
Midnight Rose is a perfect blend of adventure, mystery, thriller and romance. A sheer modern take on the wicked yet pleasurable happenings in the lives of Samantha Johnson and Harry Blake. The witnesses many twists and turns that will leave you spell bound. Samatha takes Harry’s help to sort out some information about her past. Harry travels from one clue to another before he finds out the fact that leaves him all shocked and surprised. If mystery is your genre this one is for you.
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