HeadPause - HeadPause offers home therapy, free meditation group, and mindfulness workshop at a low price. Improve your life today!

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Welcome to HeadPause! Make use of our various services to improve your mental health in the way your prefer.

You could join our meditation group to learn how to meditate and improve your practice. It's a free group during which you will practice mindfulness meditation, relax your body and calm your mind.

Try out our mindfulness workshop, very personalised to your needs, to introduce yourself to this beautiful practice and make a definite change in your life. Our workshop is at a very low cost compared to other options out there, and Edouard your instructor practices mindfulness on a daily basis. Get the knowledge and practice you need to start your mindfulness practice on the right foot.

If you prefer to talk in private with our psychotherapist, we offer a free first session of therapy in the comfort of your home. You can stay in the comfort and reassurance of your home to get all the care you need to move forward in the life and overcome the problems that slow you down.

By using any of our services, we guarantee that your efforts will be put to very good use!
Phone: 438-228-7721
Email: contact@headpause.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headpause/
Address: Bourbonniere
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