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At Bravo Fido, we offer fun and effective dog training programs in the Montreal and Laval areas. From personalised at-home training, to small group classes, workshops, and even a small dog play group, we strive to combine our behavioral science expertise and our professionalism to our genuine warm-hearted attitude towards our clients. There are currently no regulated standards in dog training, but we believe there should be. This is the reason why we aim to be Transparent, Humane, and Effective. This means that we share our practises openly and honestly with our clients; we use less invasive techniques, such as clicker training; and we do our best to maximise results and minimise training time. Whether you are looking for Puppy Training classes or need help providing a little stimulation for your older dog, you are sure to find your Good dog with Bravo Fido. Contact us today!
What is a Positive Dog Trainer?*
A positive dog trainer marries science based animal learning principles with an ethical perspective. Similar to doctors, we believe that our interventions should do no harm and we should use the least invasive method possible. We don’t use pain, fear or intimidation in our work with animals and their humans. With all the tools available to us, it would be malpractice to do otherwise. (It just isn’t necessary! )
Phone: (514) 312-3435
Address: 4730 6e rue, Laval, Quebec, H7R 2W7, Canada
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