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Business Name Bravo Telecom
Short Title Internet Provider Bravo Telecom
Title Phone & internet provider in Quebec Bravo Telecom
Description Bravo Telecom is an Internet service provider that has been offering Internet and telephony services in Quebec since 2008.
Bravo Telecom offers phone lines that work with Voice over IP (VoIP), and has unlimited local calls and 200 minutes long distance with Canada and the US for all existing plans.
The provider also offers residential internet services especially the high-speed Internet package with unlimited download at low prices.
Bravo Telecom offers high-quality services with very low prices compared to other Internet and telephone providers in Montreal and offers very high price packages.
Bravo Telecom offers fiber optic internet from $ 34.95 / monthly and cable starting at only $ 36.95! And this with different speeds according to your needs.
The provider also offers Duo packages that combine Internet and phone packages starting at $ 45.95 / per month.
Bravo Telecom is committed to offering its customers a fixed and stable billing, a free rental of equipment, repair and exchange of equipment provided, support available at any time during the entire period of the subscription.
The provider offers its customers unlimited internet and telephone services at no additional cost that allows customers to browse and make downloads with a fixed and stable bill for the entire period of the subscription.
Address 6001 Rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal, Québec H1S1M5
Phone 514-227-4647
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