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Business Name Centre AngloPro/AngloFun
Short Title Centre AngloPro/AngloFun
Title Centre AngloPro/AngloFun to learn english as a second language.
Description In business since 1986, Centre AngloPro/AngloFun provides a second language training for business, individuals and children. You can choose to receive the training at one of there facilities, to their immersion center, on your premises or even online. Whether for the sake of leaning, travel and communicate or to help your employees to increase their efficiency in English. AngloPro/AngloFun can help you learn English in ways that will suit you the most. If you want more details call Ms. Lebeau at (450) 922-5657.
Address 461 Boulevard Saint Joseph #218, Sainte-Julie, QC, J3E 1G9, Canada
Phone 1 (877) 777-7386
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