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Business Name Les Armoires Lanaudière
Short Title Les Armoires Lanaudière
Title Les Armoires Lanaudière (450) 589-7501
Description You want to refresh and personnalized your kitchen cabinets and your bathroom cabinets? Contact les Armoires Lanaudière! You will deal with a professional and dynamique team. Whether you choose melamin cabinets, polyester or wood cabinet, your cabinet will be good quality. Les Armoires Lanaudière are equipped with modern equipment to gives a very strict quality control. Les Armoires Lanaudière aim the complet satisfaction of its customers. So call without delay at (450) 589-7501!
Address 14, rue Saint-Joseph-du-lac-d'Or, L'Épiphanie, Québec, J5X 3C5, Canada
Phone (450) 589-7501
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