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There was a time when parents used to feel that sending the kid to a tuition is a stigma, and will portray their child as dull. Perceptions have changed, but still, there are certain myths around tuition, and in this blog, we will bust them all. 1: Practicing core subjects every day at school is enough to pass an exam: It is sufficient to pass an exam, but in this highly competitive world just clearing the exams will do no good. In class, one session is timed to 60 minutes, and there are about 40 children, the one-to-one focus of a teacher is minimal. This is where tutoring can make a big difference to a child’s confidence in core subjects like English, Maths, and Science. In a tuition, the student gets individual focus and a chance to grasp critical concepts. Find Best Home Tutors In Pune 2: What four things will prevent my child from getting sick before exams? • Make sure they start revision at least 2-3 months before exams. • Train them to read the question well - so that they answer appropriately. • Help them devise a well-practiced exam technique so that they can recognize how to respond particular issues. • A good night’s sleep is crucial! Don’t let them deprive of it. 3: My child is enrolled in private education does he still need a tutor? Tutoring means that you are helping your child understand a challenging subject well. With considerable practice, he develops confidence and moves up a grade. In other words, tutoring is a way of revising under supervision, which gives better results. Best Tuition Teachers In Pune 4: My child goes to a good school – why hire a tutor? Tutoring, in a nutshell, is personalized and tailored coaching that teaches the student exam techniques, so they can perform best in an exam and unlock their potential. The concept of Tuition is changing. You can find the best tuition teachers in Pune at TUTORSKART INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD. L-505, 4th floor, Mega Center Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune 411028 http

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